Essential tips for maintaining your new bike


-          First FREE service after 6-8 weeks. This service is a tuning up of the brakes and gears as they loosen up a little due to cable stretch. This is an essential service which is not to be left for more than 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks it is NOT a free of charge service.

-          Air pressure needs to be checked and maintained. Failure to do so can in some case result in punctures. Tyre pressure varies from tyre to tyre so please ask a Cycleways employee if you are unsure.

-          Give your bike a good clean once it gets too dirty. Try using bike specific cleaning and lubing products. NOT WD40!!

-          Oiling your chain needs to be done mainly after a wet bike ride. Also over time you should check that your chain is not dry (no oil). You may be able to tell it’s dry as it will be louder than normal(salted or gritted roads can also dry your chain out). When applying lube use only a small amount. Try to get the oil on the link itself and not the outside of the chain. Wipe it down with a rag for a few seconds to avoid having excess oil picking up ‘gunk’ from the road.

-          Changing your chain is advised after every 1200-1500km depending on usage and weather conditions. Feel free to pop in and have your chain checked if you’re unsure. It only takes a few seconds to check and changing your worn chain will help avoid large repair bills.

-          Do NOT  ‘crosschain’. Please ask a Cycleways employee for a description of this as its too difficult to explain in text J

-          And lastly, love your bike and it will love you back!

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